Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Front Page!

I was on Etsy's Front Page twice in the last month and didn't even know it! This makes me happy. The front page thing, not that I'm out of the loop with where my own items are being featured. The pouch sold that day! The rug unfortunately is still chilling out in my closet. I shouldn't say unfortunately because someday, if no one ever buys it, and the kids are older, and I have my own room that people stay out of, I will keep it for myself. Of course, only I can walk on it. Ha! Everyday I think how good it would look right inside my front door, then I shudder at the thought of it getting muddy, snowy, and salty. This is Michigan afterall. I guess I'm stuck with my big, ugly, boring black boot mat.

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JustJaynes said...

Congrats on your front page features!