Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Procrastinators Spring Cleaning...

As I clean this closet I'm left with a few questions.

1. WHY do I own 14 black shirts? They aren't that different from the next and 4 still have tags. One I wouldn't ever wear so I have no flippin idea why I own it. I used to have a job where I was required to wear black every day. I didn't own 14 black shirts then!

2. When did I buy a pink caridgan sweater? I mean it's not that ugly if I were to dress up as Conservative Barbie for Halloween, but otherwise, ewww. I could pair it with the high-waisted, eggplant purple, satin bridesmaid skirt I found in there. Why God, WHY? Unfortunately the pink sweater is in the keeper pile since it's slim pickins on winter wear for me here. Why do I own so many ugly winter clothes?? I seem to recall wearing the same 3 fur lined hoodies just about everyday last winter because they were warm. Who cares if it was the same shirt in 3 colors? Every. Single. Day. I was warm.

I'm having a fashion crisis here. I'm going to be found on What Not To Wear someday and all 3 weeks of secret-spy-footage I'll be in Ninja Pants and an Aero hoodie. And at least half that time in moon boots too I bet. This is a catastrophe! Someone needs to dress me.

3. Do I truly need the same slim-fit tshirt in 15 colors? I make fun of my sister for buying what she likes in every color and here I am doing the same thing!

4. Ninja Pants. I make them, I sell tons of them, I loooooooove them. Never worn pants more comfortable. I want to kick my own ass everyday for not making them sooner so I could have spent more of my life in perfect wide-legged comfort. But why do I need 20+ pairs in every color and pattern? Half of these I don't even wear or have worn to death. And again, 5 pairs in black? Why??

5. Why do I keep all these fabric scraps? Cottons ok, I've been quilting, but what about all this random stuff? I've got bags and bags of it. And I didn't part with it today.

*Sigh* So my closet is fairly clean. I give up now. 12 hours of cleaning, sorting, tossing things later and I can do no more. I have no more to say about my mess.

****Very soon I am planning on doing my first ever blog giveaway!! So keep checking back! As soon as I have the kinks worked out and the legal BS in line, I'm giving stuff away!!****


Anonymous said...

Back from vacation!.. Gotta catch back up with your blog...
Dont you wonder why you buy things you buy sometimes??.. I have plenty of clothes that I know I will never wear but I guess that alter-ego thinks she might wear them.. shoes.. 20 pairs of heels.. but when was the last time I wore any of them??.. chasing around 3 little ones.. it never happens!...
Good for you cleaning out the closet.. I did mine.. and the kids not long ago.. amazing how fast they grow out of everything!.. Now I just gotta get to the donation bin!

Jennadesigns said...

Swear I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... just drowning in nursing clinicals/lab and single motherhood! :)

I had to laugh at your post... I too own about 14 black T-shirts. Those, and bluejeans are my wardrobe staples. Along with my Tevas.

I started cleaning out my closet one day when I was really motivated. Lost my motivation half way through! I've got a ton of "professional" clothes that I haven't worn in a year since I haven't been working and won't be wearing in the future, since nursing entails scrubs.

Anyway... hope all is well and good with you! I've loved the fabric you've been using in your recent pouches... that's the stuff your sister got, right? :)