Monday, August 31, 2009

The End of Face-to-Face Verbal Communication...

I dedicate this post to my Mom and sister, who asked told me not to blog about them, so of course I had to.

Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Skype. Etsy Forums. Texting.

I miss people. I miss peoples expressions, interesting character, and really f-ing stupid things I get to witness them doing. Instead people get to witness me look like a jackass. As I fail to work Skype correctly. Tweet to myself, which is much like the talking to myself I've always done except now I have willing witnesses to my madness. Fill out surveys on Myspace answering questions that I'm sure no one gives a shit about. Text so much with my fancy little slide-y phone that I actually have friends whose voices I haven't heard in weeks yet I still know what they've been up to. Partly from stalking Facebook.

Here I sit, talking on Skype. Ten minutes into the 'conversation' we are still trying to figure out why all 4 of us can't hear each other. Is it me? Am I the one messing it up?! Oh yes. It sure is. Oops. One Skyper gives up, she doesn't want to talk to us in alien voices and is going to bed. One down, can we get it to work with 3?

My sister's Skype avatar wears a straight-jacket. It's a little South Park-ish with demon wings. Probably with good reason. Hahaha.

Mine is a question mark. I haven't changed it because it's so fitting for me and my relationship with Skype.

Somehow my sister's cat joins the conversation.

Sis: What are you typing?
Me: A blog post. About this conversation.
Mom: Be nice. I don't think Delainie should be allowed to play Skype anymore. What are you saying about us? Now I don't want to talk because she's going to blog about it.
Me: I'll stop. Mom, TALK.
Mom: I hear you! Click click click click!
Sis: Stop typing or Mom's not gonna talk to us anymore.
Me: Slow down! I can't type that fast!
Mom: I'm not talking anymore.
Sis: You 2 are wrecking Sykpe for me!!

Then something about ass gaskets. And stealing them. And folding them all OCD style so they are prepared for the next pee stop.

I love my family. Even if they are ass gasket theives. Even if they made fun of me for not knowing what an ass gasket is. Do you? I thought it'd be like a fart filter... but those don't exist or my husband would have one. Now I've got the mental picture of fart filters. And having to go in for a fart filter fitting. Eek.

This post was supposed to have an actual valid point about the end of face-to-face communication, but we Skyped for so long that I forgot where I was even going with this. And they refused to continue talking if they could hear me typing. No matter what lame excuse I used about typing something else and that they weren't THAT funny. But they are, and they made me forget. I'm posting this anyway since they were oh-so-scared I was going to embarrass them or be mean to them. Which I would never do. Come on now.

I just wanna see them face-to-face, ya know?

Now I'm off to share this. In 140-characters or less of course.


Jennadesigns said...

OK, FYI, they do have fart filters... something that you wear in your undies that filters the smell (therefore you only need to be worried about the actual noise of said fart escaping in pubic... not the smell). I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this... online, in a magazine... somewhere. But I know they do exist (and no, not from personal experience!) LOL

Ah - here you go:

missbmckay said...

Sooo funny! Sounds like my relationship with skype and my mother and grandparents. even the hubby when he is out of town.

Anonymous said...

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