Friday, September 4, 2009

Mourning the Loss...

I did it. I finally did it. I have used my computer to death. I'm constantly using that stupid laptop. Probably causing my husband to kick his own ass daily for buying it for me. It was a Christmas gift, it hasn't even been a year yet!! What have I done?! It's not even a virus-y thing, I know better. It's well protected. I practice safe-surfing. Yet I still managed to break it.

It will not charge at all! The little charger-hole-thing has been a little off center for a week or so since it fell off the couch, but it was still working and useable! Don't I sound so technical? Computer genius right here kids. I wish I just needed a new cord, but I really don't think that's it.

Lugging it around in a thin tote bag w/ all my other crap for the past few months didn't do it any favors either I'm guessing.


*real tears*

To add some salt to the wound, my cell phone is also not charging unless I hold the charger in the phone until it's done. Which I've found takes about an hour. I did this once, then remembered "Hey dumbass! You DO own a car charger AND a car!" Of course then I would have to unplug the XM. Decisions decisions!

Whatever would I do without my stupid electronics? I suppose this week I'll find out. Somewhat. Since I immediately fired up the desktop and started furiously tap-tap-tapping away again.

OMG, I might actually have to CLEAN or WORK!! This is just terrible.

The Silver Lining(s)...

I might actually get to check out the NetBook. It's so little and cute. I know it's wrong that I only want it so I can make things for it. Little colorful NetBook sleeves! It's almost enough to dry my tears! If this computer I'm on weren't so ungodly slow, I'd probably already be on Etsy buying fabric for it already.

I listed all the goodies I made the other day on Etsy earlier. So no re-uploading and re-editing of pictures for anything, and that makes me happy. The clutch I made but haven't listed was supposed to be featured in my next blog post though and that little beauty is on the busted laptop. Oh well. Patience people, patience. It's good enough to wait for. :)

What a day....


MariaSoleil said...

Too funny...I think we need a detox program for computer addicts.

My laptop cord has to be plugged in, it won't hold a charge at all anymore. Thing is, that cord is loose, and will fall out anytime it wants, which is intensely frustrating.

Maybe I should go shopping...

Jennadesigns said...

Sorry sweetie - that sucks! I hate computers (mostly). Well, just Dell computers, anyway. I bought a new laptop a couple years ago and it came to me broken. Shipped it back and forth to the company a couple times before they finally "fixed" it. Never worked right... endless problems. Today, it works some days, others not at all. I've threatened the throw it out the window, run it over with the car and worse, but it lives in its bag, packed away in the garage and I don't even mess with it anymore. I have an iMac and LOVE it. Now I just wish I had a Macbook Pro and I'd be all set. I miss portability. :) Good luck and happy shopping! I hope you find something that works for you!