Sunday, September 6, 2009

Waiting waiting waiting... at Worst Buy...

This is what is looks like when I have no computer. I actually get work done!! LOL!

My computer conundrum is soon to be solved! It already is temporarily! My awesome, wonderful, fantastic sister loaned me her extra laptop! So I am back online in a much quicker manner than I was with the desktop and able to get some things done. So far I've only accomplished updating my Facebook and my Twitter though. It sucks not having my bookmarks or photos. I'm a little sad about all the blogs that I follow that I lost because they were only added to my bookmarks and not my blogroll. This goes to show that if you blog on Blogger you should really use that 'Follow Me' feature on your page, otherwise it's not as easy and I'm not logging in just to add you to my roll, you're just gettin a bookmark and now I've lost you! :(

I went and looked at those adorable little Netbooks on Saturday. Adorable really shouldn't be a deciding factor in buying a computer but since I don't have much else to go on with my computer knowledge, that's all I've got to work with. I dragged the kiddo to Best Buy with me to see what we could do.

That's where I met Rude Guy. Rude Guy works in the computer section and he's just that, rude. Not only did he treat me like an imbecile (whether I am a computer moron or not, he shouldn't have made it so very obvious) but he lied to me as well. Rather, he lied OR doesn't know anything about what he's trying to sell.

The requirements I have for a laptop are simple.

1. I want to log in to Etsy, and a few other sites.
2. I want to use Picasa3 to edit my photos.
3. I may occassionally want to print something someday, if and when I get a working printer.
4. I want decent internal speakers, or the ability to connect external speakers.

That is all. Yup. That's IT. Sounds pretty low-maintenance right? In all reality, the only programs I used on my other computer were Picasa and Notepad. Not even MS Office. Just Notepad. Rude Guy shows me a few things. By show me I mean he stands there with a smug look on his face, arms crossed, not offering any help. But considering he was at least standing there instead of wandering off to help one of the many other customers in that section it sort-of counts as help, right?

I found one I like. I tell Rude Guy I'd like one of those. I don't have the cash this week, but I will next week, so I march on up to the counter to get approved for a Best Buy card. Fast forward an hour and I'm finally approved and good to go. Not thrilled since I swore to myself that I would never get another credit card in my life and here I am holding an approved application for free money. See, that right there is why I shouldn't have a credit card.

I go back to Rude Guy and tell him i'm ready to buy my Netbook.

"Sorry lady, I just sold the last one about 20 minutes ago."

"But I just told you I was buying it and I would be right back as soon as I was approved."

"Sorry lady, it's gone."

"Well, can you tell me what other Netbook would be good for me to use. All I want to do with it is list some things on Etsy and edit some photos in Picasa" I explain. Again.

Rude Guy's eyes light up.

"Photo editing huh? You can't do that on these. Come here and look at these MacBooks with me, they are great for editing photos..."

"No, I'd like one of these, I don't want to spend $2500 on a photo editing machine. That's all I want to do other than surf the NET with my NETbook."

"Lady, you can't put Picasa on the Netbooks."

"I told you that's what I wanted it for earlier and you never said that."


Who does that?! You are a SALESMAN. You at least TRY to close your sale!! You treat your customer with respect no matter how much she knows about what she wants to buy. You are HONEST and POLITE no matter what. None of this "Lady..." business. None of this 'I want your $2500 sale or nothing' attitude.

I left. I cried. I was stressed. I just wasted 2 hours of a beautiful day trying to spend money I don't have yet on something I really needed. I sold my soul to Mastercard again to do this after not having a credit card for 8 years.

Fast forward another couple hours and here I sat. At my sloowww desktop computer. Googling "Picasa on a Netbook" and find pages and pages of people talking about how much they love using Picasa on their Netbooks. That's right, the same Picasa that you can't put on a Netbook according to Rude Guy. Someone's even running Halo on their Netbook and I KNOW (albeit unfortunately, since I have a big time gamer husband) that Halo takes up a massive amount of space. Picasa is roughly 57MB. I don't claim to know exactly what an MB is even though it's been explained to me endlessly, but I did learn that there's WAYYYYY more than enough memory to run Picasa on a Netbook. Screw you Rude Guy. *expletive*

I have wasted far too much of my life thinking and complaining about this interaction with Rude Guy, so I'll leave it at that. Just unbelievable though.

I'd like to commend the tall, dark, and handsome fella at the Geek Squad for explaining things in layman's terms so nicely even though he knew I didn't buy my broken laptop there. Instead of trying to empty my wallet, he gave me suggestions on what to do, what to buy, where to go. If I ever have a computer problem that a friend can't fix, I'd go back to this guy in a heartbeat and pay the big bucks they ask, because he treated me respectfully and was good at his job. Money wasn't the bottom line with him, and I bet that makes him the money in the end. Also, Jeremih at the Customer Service desk was helpful, knew what he was 'selling' and answered all of my questions. If he had any judgement about my terrible credit as I tried to get approved, he hid it well and I appreciate that. I'll be the first to admit my credit score is probably somewhere around a -3, but that doesn't make me any less worthy of shopping there.

It's so frustrating to shop for things I don't know much about. I'd much rather be shopping for fabric. Or spending $400 on a serger not a computer. At least there were 2 people there that redeemed Best Buy for their awful choice in hiring Rude Guy. I feel Rude Guy owes an apology to every out-of-work computer-techie-junkie-whatnot for having this job. Best Buy, you can do better. *another expletive*


Jennadesigns said...

OMG - that's terrible! I personally don't care for worst buy either and avoid it like the plague.

Just wanted to say I can totally relate to your credit struggles. I killed my credit in college by maxing out 5 cards... two major ones. I defaulted on all my payments and had to make repayment plans with the companies, which forgave some of my debt. I thought this was going to never let me buy a house in the future, but a short 2 years later, I bought my first home with my husband (at the time). He had a good credit score and we qualified for the lowest available loan rate. Fast forward 7 years and I lease a car on my credit only and they tell me at the Toyota dealership that my credit score is in the top 2% they see. Fast forward another 2 years and I now have a balance on my credit card and no idea what my credit score is! Such is life...

I came super close to scoring you a serger on freecycle of all places, but missed it by one person. :) I'm still keeping an eye out. :)

Here's to hoping your computer worries get fixed soon. I know it's a bummer. I have terrible luck with PCs... finally switched to Mac and haven't looked back (or had an issue). Good luck!

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