Monday, September 7, 2009

Growing Up So Fast!

Here's some really cute pictures ... with a story from Little Dave's perspective.
(He helped me write it too!) Enjoy!

My first day out of that belly!
It was comfy in there but man, I couldn't wait to get out and meet
that Mommy of mine!
Plus she was always playing the drums on my big round house and it was making me crazy.
She still does this and calls it a Tummy Drum, and I'll admit, it's pretty fun.
I decided to escape that place a couple months early.
I was born impatient.
I get that from Mom.
I'm glad they put me in this warm box, it's cold outside of Mommy!

I'm just over a month old here! I'm so cute, even though I like to cry a lot.
If Mom and Megan didn't dress me up like I'm a doll I might have been happier on this visit.
Look how big my newborn overalls are!

Look at my lips! I'm a silly boy! These are funny and I still like them.
They make me fall down in fits of giggles!

I'm a collector. All things that aren't mine should be!
I'm all set in case I ever need to make a phone call!
I look just like my Daddy.
Mommy says we are both very, very cute.
We are her favorite boys.

My Mommy kisses me ALL THE TIME.
Really, she never stops.
This time it was my turn!

Wow I'm growing up fast!
Today I told Mommy that I am going to grow up to be really old.
She seems to be very happy with this plan but told me not to do that too fast.

Wednesday I start school for my first time!
My new teacher is very nice and has pretty blonde hair.
She has lots of fun toys and wants me to write my name.
I get to eat lunch at school and then Mommy and Ali are going to come pick me up!
I hope I can show Ali my classroom because she's my best friend.
I'm going to be nice to the other kids and keep my hands to myself.
I've always had a hard time with that, but I told Mommy I would make her proud.

Then Mommy cried some more about me growing up and being so smart,
and hugged me and gave me a hundred kisses.

I told her to chill.


Anonymous said...

Wow 15 minutes later and I read your last 3 posts.. after getting teary eyed on the little guy.. ugh.. doesnt it tug at your heart to send them away to the Big K?.. My girl goes on friday to her first day.. even though she's been to pre - k and all of that stuff.. its like yikes they're getting big now!.. even though I have sworn up and down I cant wait til they're older as I'm slugging around the littlest one that im incredibly tired of holding.. 30lbs on the hip is not much fun all day!.. but I know the time will fly by and there ill be cryin and missing them!..
Sorry to hear about Rude Guy at the store.. there are so many of them!.. always one out there to ruin the day!..
Well.. good luck with the first day of school!..

Jennadesigns said...

Aw - what a cutie he is! And so grown up already too! He's going to having so many new adventures and you're going to get to watch him grow in ways you've never imagined! Kindergarten is so much fun. I had the opportunity to be a room parent and volunteer once a week in my son's classroom last year and loved every second of it. Pure joy!

Keep lovin' on that kiddo of yours! I'm gonna still be huggin and kissin mine until after he's shoving me away ... I know! He's already reached the point where you can't kiss him in the car when you drop him off at school (about mid-way through kindergarten)... but I just embarrass him anyway! :)

Delainie said...

Hey ladies!

They grow up too fast don't they?!

Just wanted to say he's actually only starting preschool this year...
You have to be 5 by Dec.1 to start Kindergarten and he doesn't turn 5 till mid-Feb. So he'll be one of the oldest in Kindergarten next year.
I'm so nervous!!

Jennadesigns said...

Isaac is one of the youngest in his class (BD is in June)... so little Dave is actually at something of an advantage! :)

Enjoy your time with him now! It'll be gone before you know it... though I will say - I loved having Isaac home for the summer, but it's nice having him back in school too (only so much to do at home and when there's none of his friends around, time crawls by!). :) There were LOTS of smiling parents on the first day of school! :)

Funnyface said...

He is adorable. They do seem to grow so fast. I'm so happy I have years to go still.

YarnCoture said...

Wow! They grow up so fast! I have watched all five of my children grow up..each are now at different stages. How I miss the times when they were newborns!