Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool and Some Frogs...

630am: Drag myself out of bed. Wake up with headache. Say little prayer that it goes away fast.

710am: Still trying to drag child out of bed. Get mean. Force him into clothes. Make him smile for first day of school photos.

720am: Unsuccessfully convince child that the preschool he was SO excited about yesterday will be fun. He just wants to hang out with Ali and me.

723am: Force child into the car against his will. Tears is not a good way to start the day.

730am: Sit though the light at Milham Rd. 3 times. PNHS needs to get their act together. Forcing all student drop-offs at one place isn't working for those of us that live here.

750am: Arrive at work. Deal with more tears because boy wants to go to school NOT Ali's house.

800am: Beg child to eat breakfast faster. Repeat all rules for preschool. Keep your hands to yourself kid! Listen to Ms. Teresa!

830am: Find a cool frog. Witness my son conversing with frog. "Hey Mr. Froggyman, wanna come to school with me? There's a big boat sandbox! You can get in my backpack with my lunch! No? Ok. Bye Mr. Froggyman!!" LOL

840am: Pack 2 kids into car. Arrange for Ali to 'babysit' D's toy dumpster while he's at school.

850am: Get to school. D takes off in a cloud of dust. Mom who? Won't miss her!

900am: I have to leave the school? But I don't wanna. My baby's all grown up! OMG! Beg for kisses. Get none. Ali gets a hug and a kiss goodbye.

905am: Mom cries. Then explains to Ali that they are happy tears. She cries because she thinks I'm upset. Drive back to Ali's.

1015am: Ali wants David back. NOW. Apparently I'm less cool than she thought.

1030am: Drive to the library for storytime. It's cancelled. Successfully scare Ali with every possible puppet. Not my intention. Meet woman with flock of children. Get involved in conversation with her where she tells me that women that work don't love their children as much as stay-at-home moms and they need to get their priorities straight. She's made the assumption that because I can be at the library at 10am that I don't work. Try not to laugh in her face. Enlighten her that I work 60+ hours a week. Get the evil eye. Watch her never smiling kids look very bored. Laugh to myself.

1130am: Drive back to Ali's. Make lunch.

1200pm: It's only noon? I miss my baby boy.

1240pm: Drive back to the preschool.

100pm: MOM'S BACK! I get my hug and kiss now! Get told by mean looking blond kid in sandbox that my child is naughty and mean. He gives us both the stink eye till we leave.

105pm: Ali biffs it at the preschool. Bad broken toenail, owwie on her face. This kid should live in a bubble.

110pm: Find out that he was good not naughty. Relief!

115pm: Drive back to Ali's. Try to get D to tell us what he did. All he talks about is the back-hoe in the sandbox and Cassie, the girl who shares Cheetos. What else did they do? "Nothing exciting Mom." Oooook.

: Get Ali into bed. She's soooo tired. Naptime is usually an hour ago. She wants to give David back to the preschool. Says he should go live there.

200pm: Hang out with D, try to get him to tell me more about school. Beg him to sleep.

300pm: Still trying to get D to sleep. I thought school would wear him out! All this driving is making me tired.

330pm: Move him to Ami's bed. Sleep at last! I catch a few winks. Very few. Ali's up! My headaches back.

400pm: Drag D out of bed again.

410pm: Potty breaks and shoes on. Take a walk down Ali's super long driveway. Make necessary work calls while walking.

440pm: Jump on trampoline. With headache. Feel brain bouncing around inside head and must sit. Kids make up new game called Run Lainie Over With A Truck. They are the trucks. Surprisingly less painful to my brain than jumping.

520pm: Dishes and quick clean-up before Ali's dad gets home. Find metallic green frog- very cool. Find wasps nest - very uncool.

535pm: Finally read books from library this morning.

600pm: Leave work. Drive farrr. Make other phone calls.

630pm: Go to fabric store. Don't find what I needed. Still end up $23 poorer.

700pm: Dinner! It's 7, I'm not cooking now. Taco Bob's it is. Drive home.

730pm: Eat dinner. Type this. Realize I've accomplished nothing but being a toddler chauffeur and toddler entertainment all day. Is this how the rest of this school year will be? I'm exhausted and sick of driving.

830pm: Clean up dinner. Should clean kid, but bathtime is just gonna have to wait till tomorrow. It's BEDTIME!

I'll be sewing till 2am. *yawn*

I'm not used to having to be somewhere or do something every 10-20 minutes. I like to stay in one spot and get my work done! Once the snow starts flying I'm going to spend all the rest of my time brushing snow off my car and shoveling it out of the driveway. I'm not even sure how I'll find the time to brush the snow off! Add to to-do list: Ask Ami if I can have extra stall in garage for winter. Say prayer for mild winter.

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Jennadesigns said...

Lainie- too funny! Sounds like my post about a week ago! Those are indeed the days. I held it together pretty good when my son went to 4K - no tears here, but a lot of guilt for the lack of tears. I just love how fickle kids are and your post shows this is super true! :) Very cool frog and toad (Oh, if you're at the library, you should look for the Frog and Toad books - Frog and Toad Together, etc. Do you remember them from your childhood? They were great!). I just found a tree frog recently, stuck on the front door, but it was too dark out to get a decent pic.

I love little Dave's mischievous grin in his butt pic! :) I'm sure things will settle down once there's a routine and you'll figure out how to time manage a little better - I'm figuring it out little by little! :)