Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping Fun!

I finally got to go camping! I have been ridiculously busy and Dave's still on 3rd shift, so it just hasn't happened. A friend of my Mom's borrowed her camper for the week then couldn't stay the whole week. So my mom had a spot, paid for, and all set up and ready for David and I to come out to Tuesday night! Way too easy :)

Tuesday night was COLD! Remind me, it's August right? Summertime? The season formerly known as HOT? I was also sharing this rock hard bed with my son, who is quite the bed and blanket hog for being so small. It amazes me how much room he can take up when he wants to. It brings me back to the days when my parents had a camper and we would haul it up to Higgins Lake, or somewhere else as beautiful in MI, and I had to share a bed with my sister. We shared the top bunk and I just didn't wanna. I taught myself to sleep all sprawled out. They all called it Helicopter Sleeping. I was looking for a Plan B since Mom and Dad usually just made her deal with it instead of moving her to one of their beds so I could sleep alone like I wanted to. Maybe they were on to me from the very beginning? They've always been pretty smart like that. It still pissed my sister off, which at the time was acceptable consolation. Sorry Sis!

Did I mention my kidlet didn't go to bed till around midnight? My Mom almost split us up since we act like a couple of kids when we should be sleeping. He got up bright and early to make bacon and french toast with Grandma and I got to SLEEP IN! It was a beautiful morning.

We spent the day at the beach while G-ma went to run some errands. Later in the day, we helped some kids catch fish using hot dogs and Twizzlers as bait. Our site was right across from the boat launch, so it was pretty much Kid City. All Kid City inhabitants were armed with long poles and sharp hooks. I was slightly neurotic in the middle of it all. I blame this on being hooked in the cheek around age 10. Not fun. Kinda traumatic considering it was over 18 yrs ago and I still wish fishing involved helmets like some other sports that I also hate.

My big Dave showed up in the evening- that was a nice surprise! He grilled us some delicious steaks! Since he showed up, my Mom decided to go home for the night. (For the record, my Mom and Hub have a great relationship, she was only camping because she had the free spot, and wanted us to have a night together.) So she went home and we got an impromptu first family-only camping trip! It was such a lovely time! We built up a big fire and made some S'mores. It was little David's first S'more (that I know of, G-ma's always been a fan of in-the-house S'mores, so he's probably had those.) He took about 45 minutes to eat a single one, savoring every teeny tiny bite. All that nibbling must've finally wore him out since he ASKED to go to bed at 10:30. Poor little guy couldn't make it another second. He did very well going to sleep alone in the dark camper, giving his Dad and I some time to hang out. It was great since that rarely happens anymore!

Look who remembered to take at least a few pictures!! Go me!

Look at that big smile!

Eating his first S'more! He hasn't stopped talking
about how delicious they were. He's been recommending them to everyone! :)

David took nearly an hour to eat his, and big Dave barely
tasted his as he inhaled it. I managed to get him to save a bite for a picture!

Things I learned:
* Bacon fat catches more fish than hot dogs.
* Twizzlers do actually catch fish.
* I should open a baitshop at Yankee Springs. Those kids don't quit!
* Yankee Springs Campground is louder than where I live. In the city.
* Baby catfish are super cute.
* I need to get a coffee maker for next time, I missed my coffee today.
* If this was my boy's first S'more at age 4, I am a slacker.
* If you are looking for quiet don't camp here. I got up at 6am for some quiet this morning.
* "If this campers a-rockin..." jokes to my Mom as she leaves embarrasses big Dave. Funny and worth it.


Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

Oh it sounds like a blast!! I'm so glad you got to go camping, and having s'mores is always a treat! I hope you and yours are well I miss ya!

Flynn Orchards said...

If you camp at Deep Lake Campground, another state park close to Yankee Springs, the spots are larger, and it is much quieter.