Sunday, August 9, 2009


My kid is weird. I mean, he comes by it naturally having a nut for a Mom, but wow.

A while back he was really into garages. Everything around him could in some way be made into a garage door. He'd hold it by the edges and 'open and close' the makeshift garage door in front of his face, over and over and over. Actually, he still does this. He's just a little choosier about what gets to be a garage door these days. Now his fascination has moved to dumpsters. Of all things, why dumpsters? I never realized how many dumpsters are around. It makes me sad to think of how much waste we all make. There are 6 dumpsters on my short walk from home to the post office. You better believe we visit every single one of them on our walks.

Today I spent a good chunk of time making some fabric baskets (that I promise to blog about as soon as I get pictures!) and was ready to put everything away, when I asked my son if there was anything he wanted before I cleaned up. Silly me, I knew he'd say a dumpster! So using a similar technique as the baskets I had just made, I whipped up a little blue dumpster for him.

The little brown toy dumpster was a gift from my boss. She made up some story to the guy that gave it to her about using it for her daughter's dollhouse, instead of for her babysitter's dumpster obsessed son. He is madly in love with it and fills it with all kinds of crap. When the lid (or as he calls it, "the hood") doesn't close all the way that means the dumpster is "crazy" and results in fits of giggles. I made him little trash bags as well, but they aren't as cool as throwing away a car I guess.

Since taking this picture we added 2 big navy blue buttons as the wheels and a big gold iron-on "BFI". Who knew 4 year olds had a preference in their trash service? He's insisting I add this picture also.

How wrapped around a kid's little finger does one have to be to jump up and leave the air conditioned house to go to the dollar store for iron-on letters right now when the humidity is 90% and my car has morphed into a Dodge Sauna? It is pretty darn cute for a dumpster...


YarnCoture said...

How hillarious!! Don't feel bad...when we were living in an apartment, there was a green dumpster right outside my son's bedroom window and the highlight of his week was trash day when the disposal service would come and empty it! It was so funny to see him racing to the window whenever he heard that truck coming, lol! It must be a boy thing my 2 younger sons do it as well.. :)

The said...

I love that kid. He is so dang cute