Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Did It Again!

I can't stop! I'm a quilting addict already! I still don't care for machine quilting all that much, but I'm learning what my machine likes to do and what it doesn't. It likes to do loopy random quilting. It doesn't like to quilt in straight lines, which I stupidly assumed would be easier. It hates binding. Sounds like a machine gun trying to sew through it and I'm going to end up with a busted machine. I just can't stop though! This just isn't the right machine for this kind of work.

I made another quilt today anyway! It was supposed to be the mini-quilt but I made it larger than I should've. Got a little carried away :) I took out every quilting stitch twice before I thought it was good enough. *Phew*

I might make one more quilt before I stop beating the hell out of my machine. This one would be for me :) And BIIIG! I already picked out my fabrics, just need to wait on the funds for a bit till I can get started. What do you think? I might throw in a couple other random fabrics with these, depends what's left in my stash. I hope I can find them all when the time comes!

On a side note, if you're in the northern Michigan area this weekend and want to hear some excellent music with some excellent people, you should check out the Hoxeyville Music Festival! I was planning to spend the whole weekend there, but that won't be happening anymore. Time, funds, babysitters, and whatnot. I should not have looked at the Hoxey schedule, now I want to go even more! I might just have to make it work and take my boy with me for just Sunday. Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise and Shout Sister Shout at the same time though... I just need both! Follow that up with a little Four Finger Five, half a set each of The Macpods and May Erlewine.... then watch my kid FREAK OUT when he finally gets to see Greensky Bluegrass again! Oooh I might have to go to this! :)


Wide Lawns said...

This is sooo beautiful! You have to sell these. I want one!

MariaSoleil said...

Where do you buy your time/energy from? I need some! You are inspiring!

Funnyface said...

very pretty quilt

Alicia Istanbul said...

Oh my gosh, that is an awesome quilt. Those fabrics are gorgeous.

Val said...

Everything you make is always superb but these are really fantastic hun. When you do start selling them let me know!