Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Picture Crazy Morning

Today I took the kidlets to the park. I love going to the park. We have a playground at home that I hate. It's boring and David ALWAYS leaves covered head to toe in dirt no matter what. We have a swing set and a huge yard full of goodies at Ali's house, but it's still just not the same as a trip to a park. A new playground. New fun!

He's a happy kid! He spun us so fast I thought I'd yak.
I couldn't even get a non-blurry picture!

Still smiling, but smartly hanging on for dear life.

Cheesin while on the see-saw. I always called these tetter-totters.
David won't let me though. Both are weird names in my opinion.

Look Lainie! No hands!
We played on this thing a loooong time!

We took a walk on the railroad tracks over the river too.
This kinda scares the snot out of me as a mother of a risky kid and a klutz.
No one fell in so it was all good. And BEAUTIFUL.
Somewhere along the way David cut his foot and ended up bleeding all over me.

Ice cream cured the pain and he forgot he was bleeding.
I was still concerned. The ice cream lady gave us a bandaid.
That ice cream should've been good enough to make me forget.

And the highlight of our walk!

We got into town just in time to see not 1, not 2, but 3!! dumpsters get emptied.
When I showed David that I took this picture he simply said

"Mom, you are really really cool. I love you."

Mom's happy. Kids are happy (and tired - yay naptime!).
David's cut is just a tiny super-bleeder, so that's all good.
It's only 12:30 and today has been so wonderful.
I'm counting my blessings that this is how I get to spend my days. :)

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Val said...

Awwww.. beautiful day! I love going to the park too!