Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Aliens Have Landed...

It's crochet season!

Every year when it starts getting cold, I stop sewing for a while and start crocheting more. This year I didn't get much of a choice since my sewing machine is broken again. I knew this would happen if I kept forcing quilts through it, I could just tell that stitching the binding with that machine would eventually be its demise. It's only injured as it still sews a straight stitch and will sew through 2 pieces of fabric just fine in a zig-zag also. But satin stitching? No way. I'm glad it's only halfway broken... however I managed that.

It's cold and I can't just sit here not making anything so I made this little guy. I could probably clean my house... oh well. I've got another one in the works also. One of them is going to Sheboygan, WI to live with Jen's (from jennadesigns) son Isaac. I hope he loves it!

I think he needs a hoodie. I've never made a hoodie for an alien before...

...but it's cold in Wisconsin!