Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where's My Stuff?

I've been trying to keep track of where my items have been going since I started selling on Etsy, and since I recently made my 300th sale I thought I'd share! Each gray dot represents a sale in that state! Some states were too small to fit all the dots!!

Add to this 9 UK sales, 1 sale to Germany, 1 to Japan, 1 to Greece, 5 to Australia, 1 to Switzerland, and 8 to Sweden!! I'm worldwide! And that makes me very happy!

Now Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, where you at?! You're 3 of my all-time favorite states, don't you love me back? I once woke up screaming in North Dakota thinking I was in Hell, so maybe we just feel the same about each other. (Hey, you'd do it too if it was 75 degrees when you fell asleep and -15 when you woke up, and yes, my Hell is cold!)

Thank you all for your support! And thank you Etsy for the opportunity to share all my goodies with the world!


Jess said...

I'm assuming your dots aren't in the exact places of the sales cause I know I purchased from you and I'm NOT in Northern Maine lol!

Delainie said...

Nah, I just threw them on there on the right states! :)

Anonymous said...

uber cool :)

libu said...

I really like this idea. I dont have anywhere near 300 sales but it would be fun to make the map after a while. :)

JustJaynes said...

Cool! I want to do that!