Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chilly Chili Weather!

I'm sitting in a very smelly hotel room right now watching the minutes tick by on the clock. Nothing much to do here. My boy is sleeping, hopefully for a while, and soon will get up and put on a tiny tuxedo and walk down the aisle hand-in-hand with his new buddy Lydia, doing his special ring bearer job for our friends Will and Amy's wedding this afternoon. I loooove to see my boys all dressed up. I personally would rather wear jeans, but I love to see them all decked out. Big Dave and Uncle Jon will be in their dress blues as well. I chopped up a former bridesmaid dress yesterday to make a pretty cute brown cocktail dress for myself also!

Now if only I had remembered a sweater...

Until about 5 minutes ago the rain had let up and some blue sky and sunshine peeked out. I hope this stops long enough for them to have the beautiful outdoor ceremony they spent so long planning out. It's a chilly day!

Speaking of chilly... there's been much mention of chili lately. I always break out the crock pot the first chilly week of fall. I made a half batch on Tuesday and had it for lunch, dinner, a snack, another snack. I figured since I'm sitting here at this boring hotel trying to be quiet, I might as well share my recipe for super-yummy beanless chili. You can always throw some beans in if you must I suppose, I just don't.

Here goes...

Super Yummy Beanless Chili
(hey, it's mine, I can call it whatever dorky name I want)

2 12oz. cans of tomato sauce
1 jar of medium salsa (I prefer Meijer brand)
1 big onion, chopped
1 lb. of Bob Evan's Zesty Hot Sausage (I've tried others, this is the best! Comes in a roll.)
1 lb. of ground sirloin or ground beef (ground venison is even better, but I rarely have any)

Brown the sausage. Drain and put in crock pot on low.
Brown the ground-whatever-you're-using. Drain and put in crock pot.
Add a can of tomato sauce. Add about 3/4 of the jar of salsa. Add chopped onion.
If it doesn't look saucy enough, add some or all of the 2nd can of tomato sauce.
Cook in the crock pot on low for a few hours. All of the items are precooked, so it's pretty much done as soon as it's hot.
You can put it on high to cook it quicker, but I like to make mine in the morning and simmer it all day.
This is a family rule - Chili is to be eaten with Fritos. No spoons, no forks. Fritos.

Now I realllly want chili. Big Dave just took off to do his before wedding Best Man stuff, so I should probably get ready. Then I get to figure out all this tiny tuxedo stuff. Cuff links? Really? He's 4....


Nicole said...

ROFL!! I've been teaching everyone at work about how to eat chili. Did you know they put spagetti noodles in chili here? I think we should call it silly chilli. Also, funny food names are good, I make Cheesy Yummy Pasta Goodness remember. I'll have to try your recipe if I ever cook again. :)

Delainie said...

Spaghetti noodles in chili? WHAT?! Wouldn't that make it a better version of goulash? Nasty.

Cheesy Yummy Pasta Goodness is fabulous, maybe I should post that recipe next?