Friday, October 2, 2009

Snuggly Cheek-Pinchin Sillyness!

So this morning I found out that someone verrrry close to me is pregnant!! (NO it is not me!) I can't say who since they haven't told anyone yet, BUT OMG! I thought this would happen soon, they aren't the best at hiding the evidence of trying (no I have not been snooping their trash for used uh.. things, or the lack thereof), and it's happened!! I thought this would end up being not-great news for me for a few reasons I can explain when they spill the beans, but I changed my mind. I cannot wait to snuggle with a new baby!

Like I said before, I know far too many pregnant women right now. If I ever saw any of them I'm sure I'd be so overwhelmed by the hormones that I'd run like hell to get away (kidding, sort of, I love you all.) But this baby is super special because I'll get to snuggle him or her a lot. I wish I could say that about 2 of my best friend's soon-to-be-here new babies, but one lives far away and the other I only see if I visit her. (Booo, you know who you are!) So I'm very happy to have someone I'm so close with procreating, so I don't have to.

Proving again I can write 2 paragraphs that say relatively nothing aside from someone nameless being pregnant... I had to get that out since I'm not allowed to tell anyone. :) be continued!


Jess said...

OOOOH I think I know who it is!!!!!!

Delainie said...

You're probably right Jess! :)

Jennadesigns said...

OMG I have no idea who it is... but I'm happy you're so excited! :) And congrats to the new mommy to be. (p.s. you should have another. :)