Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Done!!

Not the best picture ever, but I finally finished this quilt for my sister! She picked out all the fabrics and mailed them off to me. At first, I wasn't really crazy about it, I was even referring to it as The Ugly Quilt, but after all that work its grown on me. I hope she loves it! I really like it a lot more now that it is quilted, and I like the new way of quilting it that I tried. Looky here:

I'm pretty pleased with how straight most of my lines are without having marked them! It will go great with the asian theme in her house also. I threw in some extra goodies when I shipped it off too! One of them is a pirate-y tote bag for my sis's sis-in-law (hope she doesn't read this, not really sure if she does!). I'm even less into pirates than I am into asian prints, but I love the style! I think I'll make a few more of these soon! Plus, it's reversible!!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I LOVE IT ALL! You are so very talented. The kitty approves also. And I know you were concerned with that. :) Thanks a million!!!