Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Wedding Story...

Well, if you're getting married this year and I'm invited, chances are good you're getting pillows. I made this pair for Matt & Kim for their wedding gift this past Saturday. I asked Matt a bunch of random questions through email and found out his living room is brown and light blue, so hopefully these match! I think they look great!

The wedding was fabulous! I used to work with Matt and he is by far one of the nicest people I've ever met. Kim is beautiful and friendly and sweet as can be. It's almost sickening how cute they are together. There were a TON of TGIFriday's people at this wedding. People I hadn't seen in years! I had to quit working there unexpectedly when I was put on bedrest while pregnant with David, and many of these people kept me sane.

Look at that! Four generations of Friday's folk! Aside from the flashbacks of working there, the reception was a riot (hated working there, loved the people!) The Rumplemintz was flowing and the laughter was plentiful. With the exception of being seated between my husband and ex-boyfriend it was perfect! FYI, ex-bf's new fiancee is really nice and the seating arrangement was much less awkward than expected.
It was great to see everyone! Thought I'd pop in here and share the quick story... back to costumes for me!
October, please end already!!

Oh yeah, one more thing...


Born this morning at 8:45, baby #2 to my friend Michelle whom I've known since we were kidlets ourselves. I can't wait to meet and snuggle her! I hope she loves this quilt I made for her!

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