Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!

That's right kids. I'm baaaaaack! October is officially over, we were treated with an extra hour this morning (thank you daylight savings!), and I don't have to make another costume for approximately 11 months. All in all, November is starting out good on this basis alone. I'm choosing not to go outside into the cold yet so it can stay a good beginning.

The 6-pack pictured above is part of what kept me so busy recently! My OCD forced me to make the 'labels' as close to the actual beer as possible. There's a whole lot of copyright infringement going on here I'm sure, so don't expect these for sale next year, but they sure did turn out great! My crowning achievement is below...

...the Stroh's lion. I put this off until Friday night convinced that there was no way I could make a lion even close to the Stroh's can out of felt. This was my first try. How I managed to make it work is beyond me. Doesn't it look fantastic?! Just like I knew would happen I didn't get an individual picture of each costume. Just the Stroh's and the Guinness. Oh well. I did expect that after all.

Originally the 7 of us were going to be a 7 pack but I made my Blue Moon costume first and it didn't fit. I got it on ok, even over a sweatshirt, but then I couldn't get it off. I was stuck. Twirling around the living room with a big brown felt tube stuck halfway over me, with my arms stuck straight up. My son laughing hysterically and yelling "Mom's stuck in a beer! My Mommy's stuck in a beer!! Mom are you stuck? Mom's stuck in a beer!!" Love that kid. Didn't he used to not talk? Oh yeahhhh... those were the days....

I kid I kid.

I finally wriggled my way out of it, all of the clothes I was wearing under it coming off as well. I vowed not to get back into that Tube-of-Terror and was out of brown felt to start over with, so I needed a new and FAST costume.

Cue the white hoodie and a pair of off white Ninja Pants I had made myself years ago and was willing to sacrifice. Add to that 4 yds of bleached muslin and 1 yd of unbleached muslin. 20 minutes to shred that into pieces, and roughly 2 hours of wrapping fabric around my body. I tacked the layers in random places with a few stitches and said a little prayer that it stay together for 1 night and that people will know what I am.

Lessons Learned:
-- Stitching fabric to the ass of the pants you are wearing isn't easy and is dangerous.
-- If you're dumb enough to go to a field party in late October in Michigan, THIS is the costume to stay warm in. Too warm.
-- People are easy to impress. Anyone could make this.

Ever seen a mummy drunk on pink wine? Well now you have.

I wish I had a picture of me as a mummy rocking out to the Amish Alice in Chains cover band! My hubby the Guinness was in 90s music heaven last night.

I didn't get a picture of my son as Harold and the Purple Crayon (that really wrote!). Bad mom. How did I not get a picture of my cute little Harold?! At least I didn't eat all of his candy (not any! OMG!) this year after he went to bed.

Thank you October for ending finally, but going out with a bang!


Anonymous said...

You did great Lane! You rock!

Jennadesigns said...

WOW - now that's a lot of sewing! Congrats ... your costumes look just wonderful! Appears you guys had a very fun night! :)