Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Deals & Reasons I'm Insane...

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I am not sane.

I went to JoAnn's thinking it wouldn't be as crazy as the Toy R Us next door. WRONG. I had fabric being held at the cutting counter, so I walked in, nearly had a heart attack when seeing the line inside, and reluctantly grabbed a ticket. They were on #83. I was #43.

After a good 20+ minutes of waiting (by then they were only on #86) a nice shopper let me know there was a line for 3 bolts or less. I hopped over there quick and had cut fabric in hand by the time the I'm-buying-too-much-fabric line I was originally in got to #1. Of course it still took a good 45 minutes in the get-me-outta-here-quick line.

I waited right in a long aisle of quilting items. I'm a self-taught, just-started quilter. I didn't even know half of this stuff existed. I learned quickly that I'm making things much more difficult than necessary. Story of my life.

I left with the 1 fabric I came for...
AND a really fabulous blue quilter's cotton I probably don't need, a super soft butterfly fleece I definitely don't need, and a cotton Christmas tree fabric I'll never use. Four spools of thread and a cool Draft N Cut ruler-thing.

Did I buy anything for anyone else? Nooooooo. Did I remember after all that time in line that I should check out the rotary cutters that are supposed to be used with the ruler? Noooooo. Did I buy the magnet parts that I needed? Noooooooo. Did I save a super huge ton of money? Noooooooo. Did I totally show up for this shopping insanity in my pjs? Yesssssss.

Happy Holidays!

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