Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Artsy Beat

So last week I was contacted by ArtsyBeat.com about my Locker Hooked Rugs and wanted to do an interview with me about them! Of course I accepted, especially after seeing the other artists they've featured - Amazing! I'm still in shock a little to be lumped in with them!

See my Artisan Spotlight/Interview here!

That's it for me today, short and sweet, I've got a super-fantastically-awesome bridal shower gift to get to work on tonight! I was requested to not buy off their registry since the bride says whatever I make her will be more awesome than anything from a store. I can't wait to share this project, I really hope they love it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Lainey!.. I read your interview.. how great to be featured!.. mine still sits calling my name, as I ignore it!.. I hope you're having a great beginning to the summer/show time!