Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's that thing?

A little sneak peek at the bridal shower gift I'm making for some friends of mine! I wish I could show all of it since I *finally* finished and it's truly awesome. I hope she likes them since she asked me not to buy off her registry but didn't actually tell me what she wanted me to make. I tried to make it not too girly so he would like them too. I think I suceeded. I'm waiting for Dave to wake up and give his opinion...

The Fulton Street Artisans Market (FSAM) is kicking off on Sunday, June 14th! I've been so excited for this show -- and so very busy preparing for it! The gloomy gray weather we've been having has really been helping me get work done, hopefully we get some sunshine for the show! I had some requests for camera cases at my last show, so I whipped up this (and 2 others) today:

I should have 3-10 more Slapdash Wallets done by the end of the week. Depending on how hard I feel like working. :)

Instead of working too much on Monday, I helped the kiddos do one of my least favorite things. Baking. Not even REAL baking, since it was from a box and I only added eggs, water, and applesauce, but I did bake it, so that counts right? M&M Brownies... they weren't cool enough to cut by the time I left work so I hope there are some left when I get to work in the morning! Mmmm brownies and coffee...

Too flippin cute. That was right before we covered the counter with brownie batter dust. What a mess!

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Anonymous said...

Cute.. Would love to see the inside of that camera bag.. I cant imagine how much thread you go through zig-zagging those edges.. they look great!.. When do we get to see the gift?!.. Brownie batter.. mmm mm love brownie batter - Kids are too cute!.. Have a great day!,