Monday, June 15, 2009

FSAM Fabulousness

A very blue tinted photo of my booth... without me in it. Ohhh well. I think I need bright blue table coverings. Light blue just isn't circus-y enough for me.

So Opening Day of FSAM has finally come and gone. It was such a great time! Perfect, windless, sunny weather! My Dad showed up before I did and helped a bunch of people put up tarps (he rules! Thanks Dad!) and then helped me do a bunch of set up for my booth before taking off with my bambino for the day. It was so nice to see him and so nice to meet a bunch of the ladies from my Etsy West Michigan Team. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet everyone! It was just too hard to get away from my booth since I was all alone. I saw so many teammates with their husbands there, I think it's time I put mine to work! I wonder what he'll say to becoming my craft show partner? I'm guessing..... no.

SO MANY people stopped by to say "HEY! YOU'RE THE PANTS LADY!" It was great! I had no idea so many people had seen my Ninja Pants on my site. It was such a pleasure to hear all the wonderful things people had to say about my items. One girl even pretended to karate chop me while doing ninja moves- tooo funny!

My boss stopped by and took over my booth for a few minutes so I could go say some quick hellos which was very sweet of her. She sold a whole bunch of things in the 10 minutes I was gone! I told her that maybe on weekends I should be HER boss now.

My scratcher cards were a big hit! I managed to get all 4 winners by 2pm! That means well over 100 people visited my booth! Not too bad!

I have 3 missing items as well. I really hope they weren't stolen. Who does that? I work my little booty off making things, I don't appreciate being ripped off. Fortunately one of the missing items is possibly World's Ugliest Slapash Wallet soooooo Congrats Proud Theiving Owner of an Ugly Wallet. Karma will repay you. :) Maybe that's what I deserve for making a wallet so hideous. Neon green thread... really now? No Delainie, just no.

All in all, I learned a lot, had a wonderful time, met some fantastic artists, got a tan that looks like I've been relaxing on the beach all week, and made some $. Can't complain!

Next on the agenda -- Milham Art in the Park! This show is BIG!! My partner MaryLou has been wanting to do this show for years and finally decided to go for it this year. We are splitting a booth again. I'm still trying to get my paperwork in order for it (the fax # I was given doesn't work) and then I'm in! I've already been juried and accepted, they just need me to sign stuff! I'm thinking I might take on the Avenue for the Arts in Grand Rapids coming up as well. Who wouldn't want to hang out on dirty ol Division Ave. peddling wares? Sounds like the place for me- haha!

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Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

That is fantastic!! It sounds like a great weekend and I'm glad you sold some items and made money! Your ninja pants are totally awesome I bet people all over the country will know you as ninja pants lady! I'm sorry you got ripped off :( I know you put a lot of work into everything you do it's just a shame! Take care and have a great week!!