Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do's & Don'ts

Been a long. busy week here! I've probably made 35 things this week. Some of them that involved new patterns and fabric shopping trips as well!

Learned some things. On with this week's Do's & Don'ts. I apologize for #1, it's kinda gross, but not too bad ;)

#1. DON'T shut your finger in the car door after buckling in your kid at a gas station that didn't have regular gas, the candy we wanted, or the slushies pictured on the sign outside. Luckily they did have napkins because this thing bled horror-movie style. This pic is day 2, took off the bandage, cleaned it up, and was surprised it looked as good as it did considering how bad it felt. Loss of the nail is still questionable. I can only imagine my wide-eyed "shit shit shit!" look I had when I went in for napkins. Dr. Dave hooked me up with a band-aid clearly marked non-sterile from a field kit. Niiiiice.

I want to take a photography class. Look at that pretty faded background, and that nice clear forefront. How did I do it? I don't know. My most professional looking picture I've ever taken has got to be of my crusty digit.

#2. DO make awesome market tote style bags with awesome potato and pepper fabrics in the middle of the night, hours before the baby shower you're making it for.
#2a. DO get shown up by a Grandma's absolutely amazing and huge quilt with coordinating quilted storage bag. Way to go Grandma Awesome Quilt! I wish I'd gotten a picture of it!

#3. DO talk about other people's business. Haha! I mentioned to my MIL that my dear friend CeeJay is pregnant and decorating the nursery in a veggie theme, and what-do-ya-know, she had these really neat cross-stitched veggie pictures that my Step-FIL's Mom made. She'd been trying to pawn them off on the other kids a long time ago, but apparently they were meant to belong to my friend. She loved them!

#4. DO work even farther into the night making yet another cool scrunchy front pouch. Of course I had to embroider it, it is my new obsession. And if you're going by the name CeeJay, I'm sure you're finding nothing personalized. After a day of presents all for baby, it's nice to get an all-for-you gift.

#5. DO tell your crafty friends your plans for decorating. If said crafty friend is anything like me, you've just inspired her. I'm so proud of these! A crocheted eggplant, carrot, avocado, radish, broccoli, and an ear of corn that really comes out of the husk! They were a big hit. Grandma Awesome Quilt thought they were genius which was flattering.

The baby shower was a great time! I won a big tomato plant in the nursery rhyme game! I planted it in a really classy looking white five gallon bucket. (Riiiiight.) This baby will be very loved :) I can't wait to meet him! I hope he eats veggies after all this too...

Only one Don't this week... not bad D, not bad...


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